There is a new development in sports in St. Catharines. Futbol Niagara, now in its third year, is introducing the first indoor, sanctioned, soccer league.

Local Clubs like Club Roma, Niagara Titans, Niagara United and The Jets will meet between the touchlines at the St. Catharines Haig Bowl Arena for the first time starting in October.

All divisions from Under 8 to Under 18 will be represented when the areas most skilled players square off in a winner-take-all season that promises top-level action and competition from area rivals.

Both girls’ and boys’ teams are slated for participation in the 14 game season which begins October 22nd.

The motivation, dedication and skills of he players is matched by the motivation, dedication and skills of the coaching staff, officials and trainers. The Ontario Soccer Association and the Niagara Soccer Association license all the ex-professional players, pro-players and others that make the league work

Starting in September tryouts will be held for the Futbol Niagara squads. Ivan Speigelberg, owner of the league says that for the Futbol Niagara squads, tryouts will be tough but fair and successful players can expect two training sessions per week as well as the game.

In addition to the sport, there will be a banquet in March where awards will be doled out to the standings champions over 13 years of age and participation medals for all players under 12.

Every player that makes the cut will get their own numbered jersey. Costs for try-outs is $20 and for the season is $225.

Sponsorships are available for area businesses that want to associate themselves with youth sport.

You can download the sponsorship guide here and download the try-out poster here.


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