What is Elite Squad?

Teams that are formed to participate in the Ontario Futsal Cup tournament. Meaning that there will be one team per age group selected to play in this event. These teams will be sponsored to ensure we can attract the best players in the region.

How does it work?

Who can participate: Anyone can make the teams, does not matter where they are from or if they play for other teams.

Who selects the players: Our technical director will be scouting players and will run tryouts.

When will the teams be formed:  By January 1st the teams will be selected and players will be registered.

Registration: If you have been selected you will be provided with a private link to register.

Training: Teams will start training two times a week, and will start two weeks prior to tournament in order to get ready for the tournament.

Sporting Gear: Each player will receive a training shirt and full kit (jersey, shorts and socks).


Cost per player – $50 + HST (low cost to ensure commitment) 

  • Two team training sessions per week starting two weeks from tournament
  • T-shirts and full game kits
  • Players that are considered Top Talent in Niagara
Interested in knowing more, contact us at: admin@futbolniagara.com