Futsal training Teams and Individual. St. Catharines Niagara


Coming in 2017 is futsal training for your squad of up to 18 players. You pay as little as $8.35/ hour per player.


The team training is suitable for U13 to U16 Girls and Boys.


Training includes Speed Training, Ball Control and Foot Work, Intricate Playmaking, Mental Speed and Awareness, Player Positioning, Defensive Skills, Shooting Drills, Core Strength, Game Endurance, Cardio and More.


If you think this is something your team would be interested in call our offices or visit us at our new office, 103 Niagara Street, St. Catharines at the corner of Welland Avenue.

PRICE: 10 Weeks, $150 per week. Up to 18 Players. 20 Weeks, $120 per week.

Feel Free to contact us during office hours at 905-984-1165 or email admin@futbolniagara.com



About Futbol Niagara

Futbol Niagara is a new organization specializing in the sport of 5 on 5 Futsal.


All teams are sanctioned under the banner of the Niagara Soccer Association, a non-profit organization that operates programs for the region’s youth.


Our teams (U8, U10, U12, U14, U16, U18 & our Men’s futsal teams) are composed of players from all areas of the Niagara Region. For the 2016 winter season we have planned 3 tournaments that will allow our teams to participate in competitions across Southern Ontario, a showcase tournament in USA, as well as one of the largest tournaments in Canada called Ontario Futsal Cup and The Umbro Futsal Cup in May 2016.


Futbol Niagara Futsal Club offers local businesses and service clubs the opportunity to become associated with the organization by way of sponsorship.


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