Futbol Niagara Select Training Program

Focus is to develop creative and technically sound players by offering high level training sessions and showcase players through exhibition matches.


What will You get when signing up?

  • 9 Months of High quality training
  • 90 – 120 Minute Sessions 2-3x /week
  • 2 In-Season Exhibition game per month (April – September)
  • Team Uniform: Tracksuit, training set and game set
  • Player Development Reports 4x per year

Program Runs:  from  February  1st till September 30th 2021

Ages: U11/12 players born 2009-2010

Location: Various Soccer Fields, indoor turf fields and Indoor Gyms in St. Catharines.

Cost:  $1,450 /player 

Payment structure: 

1- Deposit: $250 / player (to order uniforms and confirm spot

2- Full payment: $1,200 after doing initial deposit ( any time before program starts)

3- Pay in instalments: 3 payments after doing initial deposit, payment 1: $500 (before January 19 ), payment 2: $500 ( before February 19th ), payment 3: $200 ( before March 19th )

Additional Details Below.

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Physical and Technical Building Blocks for Soccer Success:


The Program

In 2021 we will start at February 1st and run  until end of September. Training sessions will be up to 3 times per week, and will be adding all the phases of training described below.

The Phases

Pre-Season (February to May):

Testing (Weeks 1-2): Technical & physical testing.
Basic Adaptation  (Weeks 3 – 4): Basic technical & physical development.
General Adaptation (Weeks 5 – 16): Strength and muscle mass development, general ball control, passing & shooting skills.

In-Season (May to October):

Aerobic Interval Preparation (Weeks 17- 18): Build game stamina and mastering the first touch.
Competition (Weeks 19 – 40): In Season training and maintenance.

Off-Season (October to  January):

Active rest (Weeks 41 – 52): Optional: Participate in our Futsal leagues.

The Levels

Junior Select Program – Levels 1 to 4 (U10 to 13):

These levels will focus on developing the basics of technical, physical, and tactical components of soccer (speed, dribbling, game intelligence, etc.). To achieve this, we rely on functional  exercises and intermediate/elite level games. It is inspired and influenced by training youth all the way up to the professional level.

Train to Train – Level 5 (U14/15):

This level will focus on the development of basic strength and proper techniques in resistance training, as well as core stability, flexibility, and agility training. We will also focus on general principles of attack and defense, identifying the strengths of each player and individual positioning on the field.

Train to Compete – Level 6 (U16/17):

Level 6 will focus on developing muscle size necessary to gain strength and power. We will increase the intensity of the resistance training
by using slightly greater weights, with emphasis on pushing to maximum potential and improving on weak areas. On the tactical side we will focus on understanding the role of each player position and teaching tactical movement with and without the ball.

Train to Win – Level 7 (U18/19):

This level focuses on all areas vital to playing soccer at an advanced level. Team tactics will include an explanation of different formations,
as well as defending and attacking from set pieces and when in possession of the ball.  Physical development goals at this level are building strength, speed, agility, core strength and flexibility, through personal goal setting and testing.

Train, Get fit, Play – Level 8 (U20 to 23):

The highest level will focus solely on continually improving size, strength, and power, as well as keeping the players technical skills up to date. By the end of this program you will have developed all areas of your physical, technical and tactical game and have the tools necessary
to be the best soccer player you can be.